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Looking to use NON GMO, Trans Fat Free oil in your deep fryer?
You've come to the right place!

This healthy premium oil is unequaled at enhancing and bringing out the flavor of food. Our Rice Bran Oil is an extremely clean oil with an appealing light buttery flavor and no lingering after taste.

How Rice Bran Oil is being used
As the consumer demands healthier food, restaurants are marketing their menu on healthier fare. Our Rice Bran oil is a simple healthy switch to please your customers. Many leading restaurants, as well as commercial deep frying operations producing high quality products are now using rice bran oil. Our rice bran oil produces products with a light golden color and excellent flavor. Gone are greasy foods that leave an after taste so typical of other fryer oils. For many years Asian countries have been utilizing rice bran oil for frying chips, rice crackers and especially tempura. They know and appreciate the flavor and stability of rice bran oil.

Using a healthy oil to replace Genetically Modified and Trans Fat oils is becoming a must for restaurants, foodservice operations and manufacturers. Our Rice bran oil is a top choice.

The same oil that’s used in baking, salad dressings or marinades, can be used for all types of frying, especially deep fryers. Our Rice Bran Oil has a light viscosity making it non-sticky and easily emulsifies in dressings and sauces. The high smoke point (490°) and anti-oxidant content prevents California Rice Oil Company’s Rice Bran Oil from breaking down at high temperatures, making it a long lasting, premium frying oil. Rice Bran oil produces less polymers than canola, soybean cottonseed or peanut oil, this provides extended fry life and superior flavor. Polymers form a thick sticky film that is tough to clean from vents and fryers, less polymers means easier and less clean up. The beneficial health, taste and cooking performance of rice bran oil is attracting industry and consumers to use this new and exciting product. California Rice Oil company pays you back with fewer oil changes, easier clean up, healthier and better tasting food. Literally this is a premium oil that can be used from salad bars to deep fryers.

Rice Bran Oil is easily digested and hypoallergenic so people are less likely to be allergic to Rice Bran Oil than any other oil. Rice Bran Oil is a great oil from the worlds most trusted food source "Rice".

Packaging and Pricing
Packaging comes in standard 35 pound containers, gallons and bulk quantities. The pricing is competitive with other fryer oils.

Product Quality
The quality of our oil starts with the testing of the rice bran to insure only the best GMO Free raw material is used. The equipment used to extract and refine our oil is the best available and two onsite labs continually check for quality and consistency. We are committed to bring you the best possible product and service.

Our product and facility is SGS certified for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certified GMO Free and has received Kosher Certification.

Interesting Fact: Not one more seed has been planted or farm land created to produce this product and after the oil is removed the Rice Bran is used as livestock feed and that is sustainable agriculture.

To learn more about the current trans fat issues follow this link TRANS FAT

Below are some quotes from articles about California Rice Oil Company:

San Francisco Chronicle
Fine Dinning Section
“Chefs who use the oil say they like its delicate flavor and a smoke point of 490 degrees.” After testing it in The Chronicle's kitchen, we also found rice bran oil worked great for french fries, as well as in a vinaigrette, marinated and grilled vegetables, and roasted potatoes.

Fine Cooking Magazine
Great finds
“Rice bran Oil holds up to high heat”

California Restaurant Association
"Deep frying can now be considered a less guilty pleasure. What a great choice especially if your restaurant is using partially hydrogenated oil."

FoodService Director
“ Food for the millennium. Rice oil makes a splash”

Personal Chef Magazine
"Not counting the health benefits, rice bran oil is a top choice for chefs. You'll find that fried foods are lighter, crispier and less greasy."

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